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How to Host Katana on Azure?

Following steps worked for me, using Owin 2.1 and Azure SDK 2.3:

  1. Create "Windows Azure Cloud Service" Project with "Worker Role" added
  2. In created WorkerRole project, add NuGet package:

    Install-Package Microsoft.Owin.SelfHost
  3. Create following "Startup" class:

    public class Startup
        public void Configuration(IAppBuilder appBuilder)
  4. In WorkerRole class, in Run() method, start use following code to start the server:

    using (WebApp.Start<Startup>("http://*:80"))
        while (true)
  5. Go to Worker Role properties (right-click the node under Cloud Services project, select Properties). On Endpoints tab, add new endpoint: Endpoints Configuration

  6. Add following line in Cloud Services project, in *.csdef file inside "WorkerRole" tag (this enables Worker Role to open listening port):

    <Runtime executionContext="elevated" />
  7. Deploy the Worker Role to Azure and Enjoy!

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