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Wroc# 2016

On last Thursday (10 March 2016) I went to Wrocław to attend Wroc# conference. Organized by Objectivity on the Wrocław City Stadium - a beautiful venue - was a full day packed with great talks by great speakers. I enjoyed all 6 sessions, but let just cut the description to the 3 I liked the most:

Ian Cooper - "From Monolith to Microservices"

The sessions were started by Ian Copper talking about microservices. I really liked Ian's view on the subject - he wasn't talking about some over-hyped approach, but instead he showed mature, "next SOA" architecture style that's not there to scale, increase profit etc, but to reduce costs when working in large teams.

That's the argument I totally buy. His presentation inspired me so much that I immediatly opened my laptop and started refactoring a project that I'm working at now. I didn't intent to refactor it to microservices - there's no need for that, at least now. Instead I made a quick and dirty proof of concept of a better structured monolith that would more resemble structure of teams working on the project, making it more aligned with Conway's Law.

There's a recording of this session on SkillsMatter.

Julie Lerman - "Entity Framework Core and OS X: WAT?"

I know Julie from her great Pluralsight trainings on Entity Framework and I was very interested on what she was gonna to show during her session. I was betting she'll write code in Visual Studio Code using Entity Framework's In Memory data store.

And I was wrong (mostly). She did code in Visual Studio Code, however against PostgresSQL database! And at the end she deployed the application on Linux using docker! That's amazing peek into what .NET development may look in near future, and it's so different to what we're used to now (especially in "enterprise" development I'm sitting in).

Glenn Condron - "ASP.NET Core"

Glenn is the first person I met that's actually a member of .NET team at Microsoft. Glenn's session was packed with loads of information of what .NET Core is. And there was lot of code and lot of new "dotnet" command. His talked complemented Julie's very nicely! And we had over an hour long discussion at the after party ;-)


Wroc# 2016 was definitely one of the best conferences I've ever been to. I really like their "single day - single track - high profile international speakers" policy. I talked with great people for hours. I returned with new knowledge and new inspirations (no drones this year). And it's all free, which is totally amazing! I hope that Objectivity will decide to organize it next year.


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